Features To Seek In Refrigerated Centrifuge Machines For Laboratories

A lot of laboratories today rely on refrigerated centrifuge machines to keep samples at particular temperatures. If you plan on investing in one of these practical and innovative machines, here are some features worth looking into. 

Programmable Capabilities

Eventually, you may get into samples that require the same type of content separation for optimal analysis. You'll have an easier time getting consistent results when you opt to buy a refrigerated centrifuge with programmable operations.

Once you find a particular temperature range and speed you like, you can save these settings into the centrifuge's interface. Then all you'll need to do is click on the saved setting and the centrifuge machine will perform exactly how you need it to. This feature saves you from having to manually calibrate the centrifuge each time you work with the same kinds of samples. 

Advanced Digital Displays

In order to use a refrigerated centrifuge machine and adjust it throughout sample analysis, you'll rely on some type of display. If you get one with advanced designs, it will be that much easier to use centrifuge equipment. For example, you can get an advanced digital display with touch controls that let you quickly set this centrifuge machine up in a particular way.

As a result, you won't have to manipulate a bunch of buttons when getting the centrifuge to operate at a particular speed and temperature range. Advanced digital displays also typically have vibrant graphics that you'll be able to easily see regardless of the lab setting where the equipment is used.

Friction Reduction Systems

A refrigerated centrifuge will undergo centrifugal force to stay running. In order to support this force correctly and efficiently, you need the centrifuge to come equipped with a friction reduction system. It will keep the centrifuge machine properly aligned so it can run smoothly for years and years.

Taking these efforts helps prevent friction issues that lead to part breakdowns. Whether the centrifuge machine accelerates or slows down abruptly based on the settings you input, you'll have refined movement to look forward to on a consistent basis. Getting a modern and smart refrigerated centrifuge machine can help you gain access to a friction reduction system. 

Separating contents in samples at specific temperatures is a lot easier to do when you invest in a refrigerated centrifuge machine. Try finding a model that is set up with advantageous features that help you work with samples effectively each time. For more information about these devices, such as Sorvall RC3C centrifuges, contact a supplier.

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