Staying Safe When Installing Insulation

If you decided to swap out a portion of insulation from within your walls with new pieces, you likely know that the installation will provide your home with added protection against drafts. Small fiberglass pieces are infused within insulation, providing a tight seal against air leakage. These shards, however, cause health issues if insulation is not handled properly. When undergoing a residential insulation installation project on your own, take the following steps to remain safe.

Keep Insulation In Original Packaging

After you purchase rolls of insulation to place in your residence, keep it stored in a location where it is not able to be accessed by people or pets. It is best to keep the insulation rolled up and in its original plastic or paper packaging. This way, bits of fiberglass do not make their way into your home's living space. When it comes time to use the insulation, carefully remove the packaging using scissors or a knife, being sure not to jostle the roll around in the process, so all the fiberglass remains nestled in place.

Keep Your Body From Becoming Exposed

Many people experience allergic reactions to the skin after they touch pieces of insulation. There is also a risk of cutting your skin if you touch insulation without protecting yourself. Always wear gloves and goggles to keep your skin and eyes from becoming injured. In addition, opt for loose clothing that covers your legs and arms totally when working with this home improvement medium. Since fiberglass can cause problems with your respiratory system as well, use a protective N95 mask to keep small fiberglass particles and dust from making their way into your mouth or nose.

Use The Right Tools For The Job

When you install insulation, there may be times where pieces do not stay secure inside walls without using nails or screws to keep them in place. If you need to secure insulation pieces, always use a power tool that has a dust catching container included in its components. This way, pieces of fiberglass are not dispersed near your skin, eyes, or around your home.

Ensure Ventilation Is Adequate Before Handling

Before you start your installation project, ventilate the room where you are going to work beforehand. Proper ventilation helps you breathe without restriction as you work with insulation. While installing, make a conscious effort to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth until you have a chance to wash your hands thoroughly.

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