Specifications That You'll Need To Provide When Ordering Custom Mailing Tubes

If your business ships documents, posters, artwork, or other similar items, you might assume that custom mailing tubes will be your best option for mailing these items. You can purchase mailing tubes from a supplier that sells general mailing supplies, but instead, you may want to work with a company that makes custom mailing tubes. Then, you can make sure that your mailing tubes are right for your business.

How Big Should the Tubes Be?

The main reason why you might be thinking about ordering custom mailing tubes in the first place could be because you want to purchase tubes in a larger or smaller size than what you can easily find. You can choose to order custom mailing tubes that are shorter, longer, bigger in diameter, or otherwise different in size from the standard mailing tubes that you are able to find. If possible, provide the precise measurements that you would like your custom mailing tubes to have when placing your order.

What Material Should the Tubes Be Made From?

You can actually choose the material that you want your custom mailing tubes to be made from when working with different suppliers; you may want to choose cardboard mailing tubes if you want to keep costs down and use recyclable materials, or you may want to opt for custom mailing tubes that are made from plastic if you are looking for a more durable option.

What Color Should the Tubes Be?

You can choose to purchase custom mailing tubes in standard colors, such as white plastic mailing tubes or brown cardboard mailing tubes. However, if you'd prefer, you can also specify a color that you would like your custom mailing tubes to have.

Do You Want Anything Printed On The Tubes?

For marketing and branding purposes, you can always try ordering custom mailing tubes that have something printed on them. You may want them to be printed with your company name or logo, for example.

What Types of Caps Do You Want?

Lastly, you should provide specifications about the type of caps that you want for your custom mailing tubes. For example, you may be able to pick from plastic, cardboard, and other materials.

Ordering custom mailing tubes is a good way to ensure that you are purchasing mailing tubes that are right for shipping your company's products. Just make sure that you provide the specifications above to ensure that you do, in fact, end up with the mailing tubes that will be right for your company's needs.

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