Six Mistakes To Remember Regarding Hazmat Package Training Records

Simply having your staff members undergo required hazmat package certification is not enough to keep your operation compliant with Department of Transportation regulations. You also need to make sure that you're keeping detailed records of training so that you can present these records in the event of an inspection. The following are six mistakes you need to avoid regarding record keeping when it comes to hazmat package training at your company:

Failing to keep records on every hazmat employee

You should start a record on every employee you hire who might work in areas affected by hazmat regulations.

Per Department of Transportation requirements, you need to have records for all affected employees. Start keeping hazmat records on employees immediately when you hire them to make sure you don't overlook their training requirements. 

Not having records easily accessible

Make sure you are able to quickly track down and present records when necessary if they are requested by either the Department of Transportation or a representative from Hazardous Materials Regulations. 

You'll be expected to present requested records relatively quickly and won't have a lot of time to track them down. Therefore, make sure your records are always readily accessible.

Leaving out required information

There are certain requirements regarding the content of each individual employee's records. Essential pieces of information in each record include the employee's name and the dates on which the employee completed past training. You should also include descriptions of the training materials and the actual Hazmat certification documentation. 

Storing records on an unsecured device

You need to protect hazmat package training records because they are essential for keeping your company compliant.

Keep these records on a secured device. You also might want to consider backing up training record storage by also printing out hard copies and storing records in the cloud. This will minimize the chances that you'll lose records. 

Having a system that lets expiring certification go unnoticed

Automate your training system records so that you will receive reminders whenever any of your employees need to be retrained. 

Hazmat training certification is only good for a given period of time. After this time period has elapsed, employees need to be retrained for your company to stay compliant.

Disposing of an employee's records immediately after he or she leaves

You should save records of past employees for several months after they leave your company. It's possible for records of past employees who didn't leave your company too long ago to be requested by the Department of Transportation. 

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