Getting Your First Or Next Tattoo

Getting a tattoo on your skin can be a major personal statement. A tattoo can also represent an opportunity to memorialize something that is immensely important to you. Due to the permanence of getting a tattoo, being thoughtful and thorough when preparing for this process is advisable whether or not this will be your first tattoo.

Meet With Tattoo Artists With Experience In The Style Of Tattoo You Want

It is vital for those that are getting a tattoo to appreciate that there can be considerable differences in the skill and expertise of tattoo artists. When individuals are wanting a tattoo in a particular style or one that is highly detailed or elaborate, it is vital to find an artist that will be able to complete this work. Luckily, these professionals will be able to provide you with a portfolio of their previous work so that you can determine whether they will be able to complete the piece that you are wanting.

Be Prepared To Have Elaborate Tattoos Done In Phases

When individuals are wanting extremely large tattoos or a tattoo that is extremely detailed, they should expect for this to be done in a series of phases. This can be necessary for a couple of different reasons. In addition, the skin that is receiving the tattoo will become red and may experience slight swelling. This can make it more difficult for the tattoo artist to perform the level of detail that may be needed. Due to these reasons, you may need to have the tattoo done over the course of a few days or weeks. During your initial meeting with the tattoo artist, they will be able to let you know whether your tattoo will need this approach.

Understand The Importance Of Properly Caring For The New Tattoo

The initial period after receiving the tattoo is extremely important for ensuring that the tattoo's colors remain vibrant for as long as possible. Unfortunately, some mistakes may compromise the results of their tattoo. One of the most common mistakes will be exposing the tattoo to the sun or failing to keep the site protected and cleaned. Sunlight can degrade the pigments that have been applied to the skin, and failing to keep it clean can lead to the tattoo to develop an infection.

If you would like to learn more about these three things or about Neo traditional tattoos, contact your local parlor.

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Getting a tattoo on your skin can be a major personal statement. A tattoo can also represent an opportunity to memorialize something that is immensely