How To Never Run Out Of Great Sales Representatives

You might think that it's impossible to recruit a great salesperson, but it's clear that some companies are succeeding in recruiting candidates who have credibility and are able to sell products by building trust and informing consumers. There are multiple strategies your company can employ. 

Always Be Recruiting

A lot of businesses enter periods of time where they're recruiting. Then, when they've filled all of the available roles, they'll notify any new applicants that they are no longer recruiting. This is a mistake because these companies will simply be passing up great potential recruits. Instead, you'll want to always be recruiting and willing to hire a sales representative who has a great resume. 

Don't Wait Until You're Short-Staffed

Recruiting is not something that should be handled when turnover becomes an issue for your company. Instead, you'll need a steady flow of great candidates coming into your company when it looks the most attractive. Even if you feel that all your positions are filled, turnover happens when you least expect it. 

Hold a Sourcing Party

Have a sourcing party every month. Have all of your employees grab a laptop and spend time looking for potential sales candidates. While hunting for candidates, make sure to order refreshments and maintain a relaxing atmosphere. 

Make Sure Recruiters and Sales Managers Communicate

Your recruiters and sales managers should be constantly communicating with each other. A common problem is that recruiters will have great candidates but will feel as if the sales managers aren't urgent enough when bringing interviewees. This leads to great candidates passing a company up for another that has already made them an attractive offer. It's important to have the mindset that great sales candidates are scarce. 

Recruit From Competitors

Look to your competitors for sales representatives who are succeeding and make them a better offer. This will not only allow you to bring a great sales representative on your team but also weaken your competitor.

Show How Your Company Is Unique

Show how your company is unique. Create a compelling message that you'll communicate to the world. Sales prospects will have a harder time overlooking your company when it doesn't blend in with the rest. One approach is to send messages with different subject lines to see what subject lines your sales prospects find the most enticing. The best candidates have a lot of options, and you'll be selling yourself as much as the candidate is selling himself or herself.

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