Should You Start Your Own Greeting Card Business? Oh Yeah!

There are tons of common suggestions that get thrown around at anyone looking to start their own small business, but greeting cards rarely make the top ten. After all, isn't the greeting card industry dominated by major companies with armies of designers? At first glance, this doesn't seem like a space that's very open to small, independent designers, but nothing could be further from the truth. While some people with a passion for greeting card design try to make it as a freelancers, there are a world of advantages to going all the way and trying to make it on your own. If you are intrigued, then read on to discover just a few reasons why this might be the right path for you.

It's a Great Creative Outlet

You probably thought that the first thing on this list would be something practical and boring, but this is a business that's tailor made to let you express your own creativity and personality. Everyone knows how difficult it can be to make a living as an artist, but this is an industry that's all about monetizing art. Not only that, but it offers multiple ways for you to show off your skill and talent. Not only will you have a chance to put your design and drawing skills on display, but you'll have the opportunity to express yourself in prose as well.

Hand Crafted Everything Is So In Right Now

There's nothing more trendy right now than personalized, hand-crafted items, which includes hand drawn greeting cards. After all, who wants to give the love of their life a boring, corporately produced greeting card bought from an impersonal retail store? Okay, the answer is that plenty of people are just fine with that, but there's also a huge market for items with a personal touch. Greeting cards that feature hand drawn art have a personal touch that's missing from the mass-produced cards available in most stores and that has real appeal to certain demographics.

You Can Carve Out Your Own Niche

Do you have a particularly snarky sense of humor? Are you great at writing sappy, tear-jerker prose? Maybe dry wit is more your thing. How about art? Are you best at drawing surrealist images? Flowers? Whatever the case, this is an industry that really rewards people who can carve out a unique place for themselves. This doesn't mean you have to pick one type of card and drive it into the ground, but it does mean that you can let your own unique style shine through and drive your personal brand.

It's Easier to Get Started than You Think

While you probably won't be getting your card line into big box retail stores (at least not right away!), it's much easier to get moving with a hand drawn card business than you may expect. Websites that specialize in handmade products are a great place to start, but physical retail is not at all out of the question. Many small, local novelty and gift shops love to feature products by local businesses. This is especially true if you live in an area frequented by tourists. Simply pounding the pavement and trying to develop relationships with a few local business owners can yield incredible results and provide your new company with a running start.

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