Getting Your Gold Jewelry Ready To Sell: Three Things To Do

When you are ready to pare down your jewelry collection, you may decide to sell off some of your gold jewelry. Getting these items prepped and ready for sale can help you get the best deal possible. Here are some steps to take to prepare your gold jewelry before selling it.

1. Check For Karats

Gold jewelry is typically labeled with the karat measurement, which can help you determine the value of your items. The karat number is stamped directly into the gold, usually near a clasp or closure. Sort out the different karat values so you can keep like items grouped together. For example, 10-karat gold should be separated from 18-karat gold. The higher the karat number, the higher the gold content will be. You don't want to mix karats, as this may result in getting less than what the gold is actually worth.

2. Look For Marks

Jewelry marks can tell you a lot about each piece of jewelry you own. As mentioned above, marks indicating karat can help you determine the value of an item. However, there are other marks to look for as well. Jewelry makers use marks to distinguish their pieces from others, and some pieces with certain jewelry maker names can be quiet valuable. If you have a vintage piece made by a famous maker, you might be better off selling to a collector rather than a gold buyer. Look for jewelry maker marks stamped into the gold or metal on your pieces, and if you aren't sure how much they are worth, have them appraised before selling.

3. Do A Quick Cleaning

Even if you are selling for gold content, it's a good idea to give your jewelry a quick cleaning before taking it in to sell. Untangle any gold chains you might have, if possible, and use a jewelry polishing cloth to wipe away any dirt or tarnish that's added up over the years. Cleaning the jewelry can also make it easier to seek karat and jewelry maker marks, which is another reason why cleaning is so essential. If you have vintage or antique pieces you aren't comfortable cleaning on your own, take these items to a jewelry for a professional cleaning before selling.

Be sure to check the markets before you sell your items so you know what the current selling price of gold is. While you may not get the market rate when you sell, you will want to make sure that you get as close to market as possible. YOu can shop around between buyers until you find one that gives you an offer you think is fair.

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