What Goes Into Storage When You Sell Your Home?

If you are trying to sell your home right now, you may be doing a disservice to yourself by not renting a storage unit. During showings of your home, some of your personal items could be putting off potential buyers.

Not sure what needs to stay and what should go? This guide will help you figure out which items belong in your self-storage unit in the meantime: 

Personal Photos

While some photos of landscapes and other scenery can be lovely for theming, photos of your family may not be the best idea. They prevent the buyer from personalizing the home in their minds. Swap family pictures for neutral prints in pretty frames.


While a nice display of wine in an appropriate location can be a good idea for showing your home, beer and hard alcohol may turn off a buyer. Remember that you are selling a lifestyle as part of making the home appear ready for move-in.

Repair & Maintenance Materials

Any items like spare roofing supplies, paint, and plumbing parts should be stored while you try to sell your house. Shoppers are likely to see the items and believe that they indicate something is wrong with the house.

Exercise Equipment

If you use a spare room as a gym, consider storing the equipment instead of plopping down a guest bed. This will excite more potential buyers. People will want to think of the room as a potential guest bedroom more than any other type of room. This is a more versatile appearance.

"Intense" Decor

Neutral decor is preferred for showing homes. If you have large signs or sculptures that are intensely bright, you might want to store them for the time being. These types of decorations will not fare well during a showing of your home, and people might not be able to see the home as "theirs."

Moving Supplies

While moving is a reality of selling your home, and the buyer will assume that you are moving anyway, boxes and other packing materials should stay out of sight and out of mind.

Renting a storage unit in the interim could mean a quick sale. A storage unit could be the key to getting your home sold as quickly as possible. If you have already had showings with no success, renting a storage unit could be the one step that takes you further in your quest to find a buyer.

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