Are You Learning How To Groom Your Own Poodle?

Is this the first poodle you have owned? If so, you might feel like you have another human being living with you! Like many other breeds, your poodle might be so intelligent that you feel like you are actually communicating with him or her. Just the expressions on your poodle's face will probably often let you know exactly how he or she is responding to you, or even lett you know what he or she is trying to say to you. 

Those are the good things about your new poodle. On the negative side, you have probably discovered that sending your beloved pet to the groomer might cost a small fortune. After all, bathing, brushing and clipping all that gorgeous hair takes quite a bit of time. The professionals that do the job probably feel like they earn every single penny they receive for your efforts. You might decide to do the job yourself!

Give Yourself Time To Learn

Remember that poodle groomers had to learn their skill over a period of time. Keeping that in mind, here are some ideas that might help you to learn how to groom your own poodle.

  • Check online to see if you can find actual tutorials on poodle grooming.
  • Check the library to see if there are books on poodle grooming.
  • When you buy pet clippers, see if there are instructions on dog grooming included.

Be Bold As You Learn

Keep in mind that, just as human hair grows back after a bad haircut, poodle hair will also grow back after a failed first try. But, don't be too hard on yourself. 

  • Get the right products to shampoo your poodle.
  • Buy conditioner that will help combing and brushing be easier.
  • Get pet clippers that are of a good quality.

Remember that keeping the pet clipper blades sharpened is important. If they are dull, they won't perform as they were designed to do. Think of taking them to a sharpening service like Butler Blades And Shears. You'll be surprised at how affordable the service is. Just think of the money you are saving by not taking your poodle to a professional groomer, and the cost of having the pet clipper blades sharpened will seem like a very small expense. Consider making a note on your calendar to get the blades sharpened periodically so that they'll be ready to do a great job next time you groom your poodle. Soon you'll be a professional yourself!

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