It's Up For Debate: How To Get Your Voice Heard When Inconvenient Facts Are Being Ignored

If America learned anything during the past year, it's that there are two – or more – sides to every story, and every side has their own set of facts. It seems that facts can be made up on the spot, in a never-ending battle of one side against the other. Unfortunately, some are using arguments that completely ignore inconvenient facts. If you're struggling to come to terms with the state of things, there are some steps you can take to get out of the confusion, and hold your own in a debate. Follow these simple methods to learn those inconvenient facts, and be prepared for the next time you're confronted.

Do Your Own Research

It doesn't matter what side of the fence you stand on. What matters is that you have the knowledge to back up your position. The best way to do that is through your own research. Whether you know exactly where you stand, or you're not quite sure, you need to have the facts. That's where the research comes in. Don't just go to sites that support your position. Start researching sites that go completely against where you stand on any particular subject, be it global warming, or social injustice. If you find out those inconvenient facts about both sides, you'll be better prepared to state your position, and defend your stance.

Don't Let Emotions Control the Conversation

When it comes to opposite sides, it's important to remember that every conversation has two potential outcomes; positive, or negative. With a positive outcome, everyone walks away knowing that they were able to get their point across in a rational fashion. Negative outcome, tempers flare, the potential for violence increases, and only one side of the argument was heard. To make sure you can communicate effectively, utilizing the inconvenient facts that so many people try to avoid, don't let emotions control the conversation. State facts in a cool, calm, and collected manner. Even if you're not heard, you'll know you were relying on facts, instead of emotion.

Acknowledge Differences

In a world where opinions have formed so solidly on one side or the other – even in the face of those inconvenient facts – it's important to acknowledge differences. Even if you know that someone is completely wrong in their opinions, or in their interpretation of the facts, it's important to acknowledge their right to have that opinion. In other words, it's their right to be on the opposite side of an argument – even if they are ignoring those inconvenient facts.

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