Six Tips For Online Sellers That Create Satisfied Customers And Foster Loyal Buyers

If you have an online business, or if you frequently sell items via an internet platform or auction site, pay attention to small details that can have a big impact on potential buyers. Take time to give a bit of personal attention and build a positive reputation with satisfied patrons.

Six tips for online sellers to use are:

  1. Use quality shipping materials. Spend time and a little money to acquire quality shipping materials when sending products to buyers. Use colored shipping tubes, or order customized shipping materials to give customers a very-positive first impression of your sale.
  2. Stay in communication with buyers. Communicate with buyers before, during, and even after the transaction. Send notes and thank-you's to buyers, and always respond to queries or questions quickly, to ensure you don't miss out on a sale. Confirm the sale, clarify shipping information, and convey appreciation to each and every customer.
  3. Reward repeat-customers. Reward repeat business and your loyal patrons with a discount code or a coupon. Give incentives for customers to refer others to your site, page, or link, via promotional codes or discounts. Happy customers are your best word-of-mouth marketing tool!
  4. Ship purchases promptly. Make sure to send purchases promptly to buyers, and provide thorough tracking information to avoid questions about possible delays. Send products priority-mail for complimentary tracking, or pay for special handling, such as signature confirmation upon delivery.
  5. Maintain a social media presence. Update your business and personal social media pages regularly; provide fresh content for customers who may browse your page or check up on you before buying your product. Use your platform's settings to manage and control what others can see, keeping your page or profile somewhat professional-looking. Post frequently and link your selling-site or product to expand your exposure to potential buyers. 
  6. Don't air dirty-laundry. Even when sellers have the best of intentions, issues can arise in a business transaction. Don't take out your frustration publicly; don't leave negative feedback or nasty comments that could offend potential patrons or buyers. Leave neutral or no feedback at all related to the sale, unless you feel that there is a situation or pattern of behavior that other sellers need to know about.

Use these tips to impress potential buyers and create satisfied, repeat customers for your online venture. Whether you sell products online through a small business or if you are an infrequent seller on an auction site, use these tips to expand your loyal customer base and increase revenues.

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