Creating Back To School Kits For Your Students

Parents and teachers know that shopping lists for kids heading back to school can be hard to handle, so consider lightening some of the burden for the parents of students in your school by creating back-to-school kits that provide some school essentials and a few fun surprises. These kits can help to get kids excited, and they can help parents to check off a few items from their back-to-school shopping lists. Here are a few things to consider purchasing when creating your back-to-school kits.

Custom Backpacks

Giving your kits to students in a custom backpack helps to solve a few problems. Not only do they give you a way to pack everything you want to put in the kits, but they can also be reused by your students throughout the school year. Parents won't have to buy backpacks for their children, and you can be sure that every child's bag meets your school's requirements. Have these custom backpacks created with your school's name and mascot logo for a fun finishing touch, and be sure to order a variety of colors to make this idea even more fun.

Custom School Supplies

Fill each child's back-to-school kit with a few custom school supplies to help them get through the school year. Custom rulers, pens, pencils and calculators can all make great additions to the kits. Have them printed with your school name on them, and consider adding the school year as well. If you decide to make kits year after year, choose a different design for your custom rulers and pens. You may also want to consider passing these supplies out to teachers at the beginning of the year so they have extra supplies for students in need.

Custom Assignment Books

Assignment books make a great addition to your back-to-school kits. They help students keep track of homework and extracurricular activities, and these books often come with helpful study tools, such as multiplication tables or world maps. Have the assignment books customized with your school's name and colors on the outside, and work with the printing company to create customized school schedules and calendars for the inside.

Student-Friendly Snacks

The first few days of school can be stressful, and having a few extra snacks can come in handy for students who are nervous or oversleep. Consider adding granola bars, crackers, or other non-perishable snacks to the kits, or if you are concerned about food allergies, work with local restaurants to have gift cards donated to all of your students. The gift cards should be in small amounts, and they should be good for restaurants that offer breakfast as well as other meals throughout the day.  You can also add bottles of water with your school's name printed on the label, giving your students a way to stay hydrated on the first day of school.

Work with the other businesses in your community to see if you can get additional donations for your back-to-school packs. You may find that some will be willing to order custom promotional supplies for your students to help spread the word about their businesses to parents while giving your students much-needed items to help them get through the school year.

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