How To Get Ahead At A Competitive Temp Agency: You Got This!

Working at a temp agency can be a life-saver when you're between jobs, but it could also be a long-term opportunity for you as well. No matter what your plans are, be sure to take the steps that will get you ahead of the competition and keep you there.

Present Yourself Professionally With The Temp Agency

Even if you were applying for a position with a temp agency in construction, food service, or some other profession where formal attire is not usually required, show up at the temp agency in full professional dress. Look like you can handle anything with poise and confidence, and they're more likely to offer you more and more assignments.

Transform Yourself To Suit Every Assignment

Whatever type of assignment you're given, adapt to that particular environment every time. For example, if you're accustomed to a professional office environment, don't show up for a temporary assembly job looking like you belong on the cover of Inc magazine. The same applies when you're going from a dressed-down position to one that's more formal and don't stop at the clothes you wear - make sure your tone and mannerisms match every opportunity you're given. This will demonstrate your readiness and suitability for still more assignments in the future.

Be Available At All Times

Temp agencies fill many different shifts and sometimes they might not be the shifts you're used to or actually want. Nonetheless, if you tell the agency they can count on you, then they will and you'll find yourself with enough offers to really raise your income and make great impressions. A lot of the time, if an employee is really pleased with your performance, you'll be given the opportunity to pick up a different shift when it becomes available.

Be Willing To Take Different Assignments

So what if you've never worked at a call center before or seen the inside of a factory, let nothing stop you from accepting the different assignments you'll be offered at a temp agency. Of course, it's more money in your pocket, but you really don't know how well you might like a position until you try it and the more flexible you are with your temp agency, the more work they will throw your way.

Represent Your Temp Agency Well

Wherever your next assignment takes you, be sure to represent the temp agency in the best light. Not just with your appearance and performance, but with what you say as well. Your words reflect not only on the temp agency itself, but on you, too. If people see that you're not going to speak highly of the agency that sent you, they'll suspect you might not speak well of them, either. Be polite in word and deed to make the best and most lasting impression.

Working for a temp agency can really take you places, both literally and otherwise. You get to explore potential careers and companies as a true insider, keeping your bills paid along the way. Avail yourself to every opportunity, most especially the ones that allow you to climb the ranks and be competitive with the temp agency. You never know where that could take you. Check with companies like Scion Staffing for more information.

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