It's Not Only Your Hair Turning Grey: Three Easy Tips To Prevent Greying Of Wood Fencing

As if the silvering of your hair in the mirror was not enough; walk outside and you see you are not alone when your new fence begins to show signs of age with a grey faded look. You may not be able to do much about the grey hairs that are quickly taking over, but you can do something to prevent your fence from showing its age. Here are three easy things you can do to prevent the aging of your fence and stop it from turning grey like your hair:

1. Prevent Dirt from Splashing Up on The Base of Wood Fencing

The dirt that splashes up on your wood fencing can be the start of fungus growth and stained or faded wood. To prevent the dirt from splashing up on your fence, add a ground cover at the base of your fence. Materials like gravel will work the best to protect the base of your fence, while you will want to avoid tree bark and organic materials that may have funguses and debris in them. Organic materials will not provide much protection from dirt splashing up on the fence.

2. Frequent Cleaning to Keep Dirt and Fungus Growth at Bay

Cleaning your fence often is one of the best things that you can do to help prevent the wood from fading to a grey color. Regularly use a garden hose to wash off any dirt, dust or pollen that has begun to build up on the wood. When you notice that the wood is starting to become slightly faded after a couple of years, pressure wash it to get the particles of dirt that are embedded deep within the grains of the wood. Do not use too much pressure and do not pressure wash the wood too often. The frequent pressure washing will damage the wood.

3. Regular Coats of Stain-Sealant to Ensure Your Wood Fence Is Protected

Protecting the wood from the sun, rain and weather is important to prevent the aging. Every few years, you will want to pressure wash the fence and give it a fresh coat of sealant. Use a paint sprayer to easily coat sections of fence. For sections that get direct sunlight, use a stain product that also has UV protection.

With good maintenance, cleaning and a regular coat of sealant, your hair may turn grey but your fence will still look young and attractive. Contact a construction rental service, such as LAX Equipment Rental, to rent pressure washers and paint sprays to make fence maintenance easier and prevent the rest of the hairs on your head from turning grey.

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