Six Ways L-Shaped Desks Can Improve An Employee's Work Day

L-shaped desks are a good choice around the office because they can increase both the comfort and productivity of your staff and office workers. If you're in the process of selecting new desks for your commercial office furniture, consider the following six benefits of L-shaped desks:

Increases workspace surface

The L-shaped desk design offers a surface both in front of the worker and at his or her side. This offers two countertop areas on which office workers can place paperwork and files. 

The additional workspace offered by the L-shaped desk can allow workers to work faster by keeping more supplies and equipment at hand at once. 

Fits multiple computer monitors

At many offices, workers need to have access to multiple monitors to get work done at the fastest rate possible. With the L-shaped design, monitors can be placed both in front and to the side. This makes it easier for workers to access two or even more monitors without moving to a different workspace and without using up additional office space. 

Optimizes space around the office

The additional work surface offered by an L-shaped desk does not take away from open space around the office. The side surface occupies a space to the side of the worker's chair that would already typically be kept clear to give the worker space even with a simple straight I-shaped desk. 

L-shaped desks can easily be placed in corners to minimize the space that work surfaces take up. Also, they can conveniently be placed together in an office to create cubicles at which numerous workers can face one another to encourage collaboration. 

Places work items closer than a straight desk would

L-shaped desks surround workers with work materials and keep more items closer at hand than an I-shaped desk does. This can make it so that work tasks can be accomplished faster and with less movement. 

Gives workers options for how they lay out office automation equipment

A worker can customize the L-shaped desk to keep office automation equipment like computers, printers, scanners, and fax machines where they like. This makes it easier for the worker to tailor the work space to particular habits and preferences.

Gives workers some feeling of privacy

Because it surrounds workers on two sides rather than one, the L-shaped desk gives workers a bit more privacy than a straight desk. Though not quite as private as a cubicle, a L-shaped desk designates a corner of space to each worker. This type of desk leaves office workers feeling less open and vulnerable than they would be at a straight desk out in the middle of the office floor. 

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